Our In-house Toolset: UCADA – User Centred Assessment Design & Analysis

​The UCADA philosophy was created by Human Factors Engineering Solutions to embrace best practice. It forms an assessment, design and analysis framework that is targeted at providing user-centred benefit from an understanding of the human factors issues. The philosophy embodies the concept that any human factors activity must be undertaken in order to maximise benefit to the end result, whether that be in terms of safety, cost or operational performance. The use of these tools can support the consideration of relative benefits and trade-offs between different design solutions.


The UCADA Toolset is a collection of human factors utilities and models that have been developed by HFE Solutions over the last two decades to support the assessment, design and analysis of human factors issues.

These utilities address different aspects of the design and development cycle:

  • Visualisation aids support the conceptualisation of human factors impacts on the design.

  • Analysis and design methods support the investigation of human factors aspects in relation to proposed designs.

  • Predictive models support the extension of the analysis into different scenarios, providing data on the results of design decisions.


The individual tools support the investigation and assessment of different aspects within a socio-technical system, both human and equipment/design focussed, or the impact of one upon another, including:

  • individual and team operational performance

  • indicative levels of cognitive workload

  • anthropometric aspects, such as comfortable reach

  • goals and objectives

  • user profiles and target audience

  • opinion and adoption

  • usability

  • the relationship of tasks to hazard and error

  • training media


All or any combination of these utilities can be brought to bear to analyse particular aspects of a product or system, whether existing, in development or at the initial concept stage.