Human Factors Engineering Solutions

is a CIEHF Registered Consultancy

We have been accredited to ISO 9001:2015 since July 2000.

Our computer systems are accredited to Cyber Essentials.


We have been accepted as members of a number of frameworks and consortia, including:


  • Progeny

  • FATS5

  • RCloud


  • ASC


Our Capability

Our understanding integrates technical knowledge, working processes and application of standards. We provide the ability to:

  • bring together six distinct aspects: Human Factors techniques, human psychology, human physiology, statistical analysis, modelling and a scientific analytical approach.

  • use these combined aspects in one focused package of work aimed to address any domain and problem.

  • convert this into a tangible measurable advantage for our customers.

  • drill down into these improvements to allow trade-offs to be conducted in the light of the consequence to the Human.

Our experience, skills and knowledge demonstrated in recent research projects include:

  • Design of research projects; including setting objectives, defining scope and parameters, developing test criteria, producing detailed test specifications, etc

  • Development of indicative predictive models; these include models for workload, human performance and human error

  • User trials; including large scale and realtime trials as well as specific validation trials

  • Detailed analysis of results; utilising a variety of statistical techniques together with our in-house toolset.



Our approach to human factors research is that no matter what system or equipment they are using, human capabilities are consistent: i.e. “people are people”. However, although the use of most systems involve both cognitive and physical tasks, projects are generally focussed on either the cognitive or the physical aspects of the interaction between the human operator and the machine or equipment components of the socio-technical system.

Human Factors Engineering Solutions Limited  Registered Office: Human Factors Engineering Solutions Ltd  27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1 3AX, Registered in England No. 3532109