About Us

Human Factors Engineering Solutions Ltd (HFE Solutions or HFES for short) is a human factors research consultancy with a difference. We have a track record of analysing complex tasks and requirements, and having understood them, coming up with innovative solutions that do more than just satisfy those requirements. This is frequently achieved by conducting structured modelling of the problem space to determine the sensitivities and fracture points within that space.

Our History


Since the company was founded in 1998, it has changed and evolved to our current focus on research, although we still have the skills and expertise to conduct more mainstream human factors work. Some of our earlier projects included:

  • Human Factors Management: including several large contracts for the MoD

  • Human Factors Integration: involving a wide spectrum of human factors activities, including producing and carrying out a full Human Factors Integration Plan (HFIP), Training Needs Analysis (TNA), ensuring compliance with relevant Standards, workload and manning studies.

  • Human-Computer Interface Design: analysing the work objectives of the potential users and deriving a set of operational profiles to evaluate the speed of use of the interface.

  • Simulation and Training: the analysis and specification of training systems.

  • System Design: considering the problem of communication across a multi-disciplinary team and the design of a number of tools aimed at better integrating Human Factors into mainstream engineering.

  • Usability Assessment: focussing on the usability of a system or product, including innovative research into how to make systems more usable as well as more traditional usability assessments and user trials.

  • Use and Development of Methods: in addition to the application of standard human factors methods, the development of a number of innovative tools and methods to enhance the analysis process.