HFE Solutions is dedicated to providing practical and innovative solutions that ensure our customers’ systems, equipment and products reach their target audience with a competitive edge. We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to suit individual clients. In addition to our core human factors services, we can supply experts in;

  1. Workload,

  2. Situational Awareness,

  3. Safety,

  4. Operational Analysis,

  5. the human aspects of Risk and Resilience,

  6. Influence,

  7. Human Computer Interaction

  8. Training.



Human Factors Engineering Solutions Limited (HFE Solutions) is an independent Human Factors and Ergonomics consultancy specialising in Design, Training, Safety, and Usability across a variety of market sectors. Our work and research has been used to optimise systems involving humans and organisations in terms of performance and interaction across a number of industries.

The HFE Solutions team is supported through a quality system that facilitates excellence and effectiveness in the provision of our services.


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